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Quantum Mindset Academy

Welcome to Quantum Mindset Academy, an innovative online platform where the transformative power of the Quantum Mindset meets the practical application of mindfulness and manifestation techniques.

Established with the aim to empower individuals to realize their fullest potential, Quantum Mindset Academy provides a diverse range of cutting-edge courses and resources, skillfully designed to combine quantum mindset, positive psychology, and neuroscience principles. Our purpose is to guide our students towards lasting personal growth, fulfillment, and an enhanced way of experiencing life.

We are proud to host a team of experienced and compassionate mentors, each a dedicated professional passionate about guiding you through your journey. Through personalized guidance, evidence-based practices, and consistent support, our mentors create a nurturing environment that encourages mutual growth and learning.

At Quantum Mindset Academy, we believe in the boundless potential of the human mind. Our comprehensive courses are designed to help you tap into unexplored realms of possibility, cultivate resilience, enhance focus, and facilitate personal growth. We help you overcome fears and limiting beliefs, replacing old patterns with a fresh, positive approach to life.

Our vision is to be a global leader in personal development and mindset transformation. We strive to foster a culture of continuous learning, growth, and self-discovery, and are deeply committed to elevating human consciousness. At Quantum Mindset Academy, we aspire to create a world where everyone can embrace their unique gifts and thrive in all aspects of life.

Join us at Quantum Mindset Academy, and commence your journey of exploration, transformation, and self-realization. Together, let's delve into the boundless possibilities that our quantum universe has in store!



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Jennifer Salerno


Jen is a thought leader in the Quantum Mindset world. After a  sports injury left her paralyzed Jen sought ways to heal her brain and body without surgery or conventional medicine, she received training in Neuroscience, Psycho therapy and Quantum theory, then married those concepts with the Yogi, Shaman, Reiki Master and Kundalini principles she has lived and taught for many years. Blowing away the doctors with her quick recovery, Jen knew she needed to share her findings and Quantum Mindset Academy was born. Jennifer loves to surf and visit the beaches of Costa Rica any chance she gets. She is a firm believer that you can select the life you want with our Quantum Mindset Course. 

Keri Houston

Co-Founder | Creative Director

Keri has spent a better part of her life gaining knowledge of energetic modalities to aid in healing body, mind, and spirit including Reiki Master, Oracle card readings, Medium ship, Yoga, Trauma Healing and Quantum Mindset. Keri is newly retired from a successful 20+ year career in the hair industry. Keri's clients would say how "special" and "heard" they felt while in her chair. She is passionate about positivity and feels "Grandma" is her favorite title to date. When she is not with her Mentee's you can find her creating something, whether it's cooking her recipes, art, moon water, sacred salts, crafts or painting while singing cheesy made up songs.

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Christina Jones.jpg

Christina Jones

Lead Mindful Mentor

Christina comes to us with action packed skills, starting with her being a Crisis intervention training instructor, defensive tactics instructor and firearms instructor. Christina is a former Law enforcement officer who handled crimes such as sexual assault and homicide, her desire to find healthy ways to decompress (besides the gym & wine) led her to take 200 hrs of yoga teacher training, Reiki and Quantum Mindset. Christina is passionate about helping people and is well versed in trauma healing. Her discipline and dedication has earned her a 3rd degree black belt in martial arts. She is multifaceted and a great asset to the QMA team.

Baytop Scott

Mentor | Advisor 

Baytop, brings innovation to business and branding with her creative outlook. She's spent over 18 years, working in and out of startups and companies as an entrepreneur and strategic advisor. To date, she's helped raise over $80 million dollars for companies in the Tech/A.I/Real Estate industries. She's worked with a handful of celebrity chefs and high net worth clients, and understands what goes into branding, running and leading a business. Her healing journey began in 2017 after spending over a decade addicted to substances and alcohol. Through healing, she's dedicated her life to working with conscious entrepreneurs and gaining the tools to better support the development of leaders, communities, holistic businesses, and more. She's passionate about living in the desert, adventures, and meditating which has been a huge part of her daily life over the years.  

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